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Right across Australia Volkswagen kombi owners are relishing the simple luxuries of a Lowd Vans camper interior. Choosing the right layout for your camper van - whether Winkipop, Roadknight, Jan Juc, Marengo, Johanna or Fairhaven - and building your cabinets is just the beginning of the journey. The next step is to really own it!


Winkipop | Queensland | T2

"We won 'Best Bus' at the Noosa VW Luv ya Dub show yesterday. We are so happy with how she has turned out after a one and half year resto. Finally we get our weekends back and we can enjoy her."


Winkipop | Victoria | T2

"The fit out is perfect for when I need to use the van as a creative workspace, with plenty of handy storage space for art materials and the fold out table to work on." @lifewithvdub



Jan Juc | Queensland | T2

"Lowd Vans did the interior cupboards for my van. Great quality, well constructed and they come as a flat pack. So they can be delivered Australia wide. You should check them out." @pipersienna


Jan Juc | Victoria | T2

"If you're searching for beautiful chic cabinetry for your van. Look no further. Lowd Vans has designed the most sublime and practical cabinets you'll ever see, and they fit straight into your van.The pull out pantry is in a league of its own on a cuteness scale, and its storage capacity will astound you. The fridge cabinet has a lift up lid for your gas cooker. The locker stores my beach wardrobe, towels and 6 bottles of champagne. It's also an extra seat. Many thanks David and Felicity, for being such visionaries and launching van interior cabinetry to the next level of chic." @busandbeach


Winkipop | Victoria | T2

"We absolutely love the whole design but I think the pull out pantry is probably our favourite aspect of it." 

"Peggy Mae"

Marengo | Victoria | T2

"Finished making and installing our Lowdvans cabinets today, had such a great time constructing them and installing them in Peggy. Thank you so much to the people at Lowdvans they are exactly what we wanted and we think they look absolutely fantastic, they suit the look we are going for in our Kombi perfectly." @peggy_mae_our_kombae


Johanna | Victoria | T3

"It looks sooo cool! I can't stop looking at it! We posted your video in out T3 group, lots of likes and positive comments. I can't wait to show it off!" @otis.82

Winkipop | Victoria | T2

"Happy 50th birthday to the van. For its half centenary I have treated it to an interior fix up. Three generations of cupboard stylings united as one. Original VW Dormobile cupboards at the back and under the seat from the early 70s. Cupboard and table from late 70s which I’ve retrofitted to match and pay homage to the lovely stylings of the razzle dazzle fancy new kit up the front from @lowdvans.@helenthegill

Winkipop | Victoria | T2

"David and Felicity have come up with a sensational product that put a ‘new but old’ finish into our 1969 kombi. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone looking at doing up their beloved kombi. It all comes pre cut and flat packed with easy to follow instructions. All you need is a drill, glue, little bit of clear coat (optional) and patience. I installed the ‘winkipop’ which is the entire fit out, with close to zero practical skills it took me about 15 hours all up. Anyone can do it. Genuine 5 star product." @kombi_lane

Winkipop | Tasmania | T2

"It is looking awesome! We had a total of 28 days away in it since we did your fit out and was probably the only thing that kept us sane in the year we have just had!! I will post a couple of pics and leave you a good review as product and service have been great." @tassiekombi

Winkipop | NSW | T2

"Lowd Vans thanks, we love it."

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